I hate getting up and leaving in the morning.

Mornings should be for lingering. For long sighs and trailing fingertips.

I hate having to make those quick kisses and say goodbye. Throw an “I’ll call you tonight” over my shoulder.

How does anyone have time for falling in love when the real world keeps interrupting?

"Don’t you understand that I’m completely mad for you?
Your voice is all I want to hear, your lips all I want to touch. Your hands I want all over me, your breath down my neck. I want you in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. I want you in every form, in every which way that you are. You, you, you- you’re always on my mind. God, you need to understand that I’m utterly, I’m insanely-mad for you."
- (I’m just madly in love with you- do you understand that?)

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I am wildly, deliriously in love with a man. He makes me mushy and gross. And when I’m not with him, all I can think of is how badly I want him.

And not necessarily for sex.

I want his smell, because it comforts me.

I want the feel of his hands, the way his callouses feel rough on my skin and the way his fingers intertwine with mine.

I want his warmth surrounding me while I fall asleep.

I want his arms that I cuddle to me like my favorite teddy bear.

Things that make me sad:
Thunder storms

Things that make me angry:
Having to pee really bad and having no where to go.
Sitting in a wet skirt because my boss’ windows were rolled down during a torrential downpour.
Being told “come over” only to find him not home.

Things that make me livid:
Dealing with all of the above at the same fucking time. I’m going to rage one someone.

Falling in love makes you abandon your tumblr.

And there is nothing quite like the way his eyes look when he says “I think I love you.”